Thursday, August 16, 2007

The British units positioned forward in early 1942

These are the OOB's for the units that were positioned to the west in early 1942:

200th Guards Brigade Group
3rd Battalion, Coldstream Guards
2nd Battalion, Scots Guards
B Squadron, 11th Hussars
1st Field Regiment, RA (two batteries)
51st Field Regiment, RA (two batteries)
27/28th Medium Battery, RA
C and D Batteries, 73rd Anti-Tank Regiment, RA
6th Battery, 2nd Anti-Tank Regiment, SAA
6th and 197th Light Anti-Aircraft Batteries, RA
1st Field Squadron, Royal Engineers

1st Support Group
Composite Squadron, 3rd and 4th County of London Yeomanry
11th (HAC) Regiment, RHA
20th Battery, 7th Field Regiment, SAA
76th Anti-Tank Regiment, RA
260th Battery, 65th Anti-Tank Regiment, RA
43rd and 44th Light Anti-Aircraft Batteries, RA
Detachment 7th Field Squadron, Royal Engineers
2nd Battalion, The King's Royal Rifle Corps
1st Battalion, The Rifle Brigade

2nd Armoured Brigade Group
The Queen's Bays
9th Queen's Royal Lancers
10th Royal Hussars
2nd Regiment, RHA
8th Field Regiment, RA (two batteries)
7th Field Regiment, SAA (less 20th Battery)
102nd (NH) Anti-Tank Regiment, RHA
2nd Anti-Tank Regiment, SAA (less 6th Battery)
Detachment 7th Field Squadron, Royal Engineers
9th Battalion, The Rifle Brigade

This is based on footnotes in Vol.III of the Official History

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