Saturday, June 23, 2007

Some recent book acquisitions

I visited Recycled Books, a store in Denton, Texas, this afternoon. I purchased four books there and was tempted to buy a few more. This is what I bought:

John Norris, illustrated by Mike Fuller,
88 mm FlaK 18/36/37/41 & PaK 43 1936-45,
New Vanguard 46, Osprey Publishing, 2002.

David Fletcher, illustrated by Peter Sarson,
Crusader Cruiser 1939-45,
New Vanguard 14, Osprey Publishing, 1995, reprinted 2002.

Steve Zaloga, Peter Sarson, T-34/76 Medium Tank 1941-1945,
New Vanguard, Osprey Military, 1994.

Steven J. Zaloga, Jim Kinnear, Andrey Aksenov,
and Aleksandr Koschchavtsev,
Soviet Tanks in Combat 1941-1945:
The T-28, T-34, T-34/85 and T-44 Medium Tanks,
Armor at War Series,
Concord Publications Company, 1997.

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