Monday, February 19, 2007

Robert Crisp's tank was penetrated by German guns

Given that Robert Crisp's Stuart was penetrated by German tank guns six times while fighting Pzkw IV, Pzkw III, and Pzkw II tanks, the hits must have been from Pzkw III's firing 50mm KwK 38 L42 guns. Their penetration, while firing APBC shot was:

Range Penetration
500m 45mm
1000m 35mm
1500m 27mm
2000m 21mm

This is from a page "German AFV in Normandy". I don't know accurate they are, but they seem plausible. Now, we will look at Stuart armour (from I the thickest armour on the front was 38mm, but most was 25mm that could be penetrated out to 1500 meters. The 38mm could be inside of 500 meters, if the angle were not to acute.

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