Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The forces for the breakout attempt from Tobruk on 20 November 1941

The forces for the breakout attempt from Tobruk were the 32nd Army Tank Brigade and the 14th Infantry Brigade, with supporting artillery:

32nd Army Tank Brigade Brigadier Willison
C Squadron, The King's Dragoon Guards
1st RTR
4th RTR
D Squadron, 7th RTR

14th Infantry Brigade (part) Brigadier Chappel
2nd York and Lancaster Regiment
2nd Black Watch

16th Infantry Brigade Brigadier Lomax
The 2nd King's Own

Supporting Artillery
1st Regiment RHA
104th Regiment RHA
107th Regiment RHA
144th Field Regiment RA

2nd Field Company RE
54th Field Company RE

This is drawn from Note 2 on page 43 of Vol.III of the Official History--The Mediterranean van Middle East (September 1941 to September 1942): British Fortunes Reach Their Lowest Ebb (1960).

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