Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More on the Axis air effort in the fall of 1941

Attacks on shipping to Tobruk were carried out by Ju-87's, often escorted by Me-109F's, which were superior to every British fighter in the Western Desert. The Official History says that at times, almost every British fighter in the theater was involved in the protection of shipping.

The Axis airforces carried on harassing raids against "targets in the desert". Suez and the canal were hit by Ju-88's based in Greece. These were carried out over July to October 1941, aanmd involved 34 attacks with 300 sorties. Few of these were successfully attacked. Five were lost, of which one was in August and four were in September. This is based on the account in the Official History.

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Eric said...


I just ran across your post concerning Axis air efforts in the eastern Med in 1941.

I have been trying to research an attack on Port Said (south end of canal)on the evening of September 11th, 1941. Do you know which axis air units were involved in as much detail as possible? You mention some attacks were carried out by JU-88's out of Greece. Info up to this date seemed to point to Fliegerkorps X, III/LG 1 out out Derna.

Can you also point me in the right direction for obtaining the "Official History" you refernce?

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