Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Martin 167 bomber

The Martin 167 bomber had been built to compete for a USAAC requirement for a light bomber. The prototype was the XA-22. The Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB has a good page about the plane. From information at the Glenn L. Martin Air Museum, we know the production figures for the Martin 167:

Martin Customer Number Time
Model Designation Produced Period Customer

167 XA-22 1 1939 USAAC
167-F1 167-A3 115 1939 France
167-F2 167-A3 100 1940 France
167-F3 167-A3 95 1940 France
167-B3 Maryland Mk.I 35 1940 Great Britain
167-B4 Maryland Mk.II 150 1941 Great Britain

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