Monday, February 20, 2006

George Bradford's page on Battleaxe

George Bradford's page on Operation Battleaxe is worth another link. He has a map and a description of the action. This presages what I will be writing, but I hope to provide some more detail than he has. One question that I have still is the exact makeup of the tanks brought by the Tiger convoy. One of the classics from the long defunct Wargamer's Digest from the 1970's was a production list for all British tanks through the war. We believe that at least some of what arrived were Crusaders, presumably Crusader I's, as this was alleged to be from an early production run. The alternative tank would have been the A13 Cru.Mk.IVA. There is reason to believe that the light tanks were Lt.Mk.VIC's with the 15mm Besa MG, the same weapon used in Humber armoured cars.

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