Thursday, May 05, 2005

I still have a large amount of unpublished material from the 1970's and 1980's

I have what I imagine is a large amount of unpublished materials that I both produced and accumulated, starting in the early 1970's and continuing up to about 1989. There are notes, orders-of-battle, and orders-of-arrival, drawings, and photographs. The drawings and photographs are generally of guns, armored cars, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, trucks, and gun tractors. I have the usual sort of collection of photos that largely originate from Aberdeen proving grounds from the early 1970's up until about 1985. Towards the end, I had photos that were taken with a scale in the picture to better judge dimensions. I have many photos taken from angles, but I had started to take pictures from right angles to the front, side, and rear, so as to aid transfer to drawings. The main obstacle at present is that work and my other writing has preempted any work on my military materials. I started blogging here so as to at least be able to start writing on the subject and to make available information from notes and research materials.

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